05/19/2010 - 10:57

Drupal provides easy and fast way to share content in different languages. All you need is the Internationalization module, which is actually a set of various modules like menu translation, profile translation, taxonomy translation, views translations and others.

1. Install and enable these modules including the core Locale module. Then go to the Configuration >> Languages and add new language. From now on you are able to make a translations to your content.

05/10/2010 - 21:46

This post provides some basic security tips for Drupal site administrators. You don't need any special programming skills to follow it.

04/27/2010 - 23:30

This post presents some conclusions, which I've got by reading one very useful book written by Greg James Knaddison - "Cracking Drupal".

So why Drupal website can get some vulnerabilities? The most diffused reasons are:

04/13/2010 - 09:59

Drupal 7 brings to the table a huge improvement in the user experience front, while still using the infamous garland theme as it's default theme. The release date for Drupal 7 is not set in stone since it's still in the Alpha 2 stage, there are about 143 critical bugs right now that need to be brought to zero before the project can move to the beta stage, critical bugs are the kind that break drupal core in really tragic ways.

04/12/2010 - 19:30

The other day, Glen Campbell (no, not “Rhinestone Cowboy” Glen Campbell) posted some tips on Friendfeed to help people improve the performance of their Web pages. I can’t say I completely agree with every single one of the suggestions across all situations, but they are definitely a great place to start. Glen indicated to me that his tips are “basically a distallation of the Yahoo!

04/11/2010 - 12:28

If you working on some project and you need couple nice vector icons for it, All free download web site is what you need.

Many of the images are available as vector files, allowing you to save them at basically any size you choose without worrying about degrading the visual quality of the image.

04/04/2010 - 15:10

What is Drupal?
Drupal is a free open source software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. People with limited technology skills are enabled to run their own site, without the need of an outside developer or webmaster to run the system.